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How to CleanThe McMonty by medihood

After Use

01.McMonty hoods (the PVC component) are able to remain with patients for the entirety of their stay.

02.The hoods are single use.

03.Once a patient has been discharged or is deemed to no longer be infectious and therefore no longer required the use of The McMonty, the hood will need to be disposed of.

04.Hoods can be recycled in PVC recycling bins (facility dependent) but will need to be sanitized and have white vinyl tabs and Velcro strip removed (either by cutting with scissors or tearing) before doing so.


01.Perform a terminal clean in the patient bed area at the end of patient use (eg. perform the clean when the bed has been vacated by the patient).

02.Always clean with full PPE as per local policies/guidelines. Methodically clean all surfaces, inside and out, including items such as the fan/filter housing and the power cord.

03.A full clean should take one person approx. 5-10 minutes

04.It is recommended that cleaning and disinfecting take place in one process.

Recommended Cleaning Products

The following items are recognised as being suitable for disinfection of the McMonty Frame after use with a COVID-positive patient:

  • Clinelle Universal Wipes and Spray
    ARTG 178363

  • Oxivir Tb
    ARTG 165058

  • Oxivir Tb Wipes
    ARTG 164850

  • Actichlor Plus at the recommended manufacturer dilutions
    ARTG 335352

To find out if another cleaning product is suitable for use with the medihood McMonty after use with a COVID-19 positive patient, please consult the TGA ‘disinfectants for use against COVID-19 in the ARTG for legal supply in Australia’ database.

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