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How to Set UpThe McMonty by medihood

How to Install the McMontyWhile we do our best to ensure that McMonty units are delivered fully assembled in the majority of cases, there will - at times - be the requirement to assemble a unit on-site. These instructions will guide you through how to do that.

Step 1

Setting up the McMonty is a 3-person task.

Step 2

Position the McMonty box on its base. This label is on the top side of the box.

Step 3

The box comes in two pieces. Open by lifting the top off.

Step 4

Inside you’ll find:
- McMonty stainless steel frame(s)
- Fan (attached if a single McMonty unit, or separately packed if multiple McMonty units)
- 2x Feet per McMonty frame, each with 2x wheels
- Bolts (already loosely in place in the legs of the McMonty frame)

Step 5

Set two feet on the ground about a meter apart.

Step 6

With one person on each side, lift the McMonty out of the box and stand it upright. The the rounded/arched end should be at the top.

Step 7

Insert the feet into the legs of the McMonty. Ensure the LONG section of each foot faces the FRONT (facing the same way as the side arms).

Step 8

BOLT the feet into place with the hardware provided.

Step 9*

Attach fan by placing over the back of white fan cover.

Step 10*

Fan mount straps that get fastened around the fan unit.

Step 11*

Straps fastened around the fan unit.

Step 12*

Single screw to be screwed into the hole at the top of the exhaust unit to prevent any movement of the fan whilst in operation.

*Not required for a single-packed unit.

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