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MaintenanceHow to Take Care of the McMonty

For maintenance instructions, please refer to the McMonty by Medihood Instructions for Use

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Frequently Asked Questions

About the McMonty

The McMonty comes in two sizes, referred to as ‘standard’ and ‘narrow’. When measuring, please be sure to measure the mattress width, not the bed frame width.

StandardSuitable for beds >1000mm.

NarrowSuitable for beds <1000mm.

How to Measure:

The PVC Hood is recyclable through PVC recycling if your healthcare facility has this available.

In order to do so, the hood will need to be disinfected and have the vinyl tabs and velcro cut or torn off first.

If PVC recycling is not available at your facility, it will need to be disposed of in clinical waste.


Minimise gaps as much as possible.

Pushing the back of the bed against the backboard of The McMonty should be common practice. Ensure the bottom of the clear hood is below bed level and neatly laid over the legs of the patient.

The system is designed such that it will not have an airtight seal and will operate as planned with small gaps between the bed and the transparent hood.

Ideally gaps should be kept under 6cm between the bed and the PVC hood.


The following items are recognised as being suitable for disinfection of the McMonty Frame after use with a COVID-positive patient:

  • Clinelle Universal Wipes and Spray
    ARTG 178363

  • Oxivir Tb
    ARTG 165058

  • Oxivir Tb Wipes
    ARTG 164850

  • Actichlor Plus at the recommended manufacturer dilutions
    ARTG 335352

To find out if another cleaning product is suitable for use with the medihood McMonty after use with a COVID-19 positive patient, please consult the TGA ‘disinfectants for use against COVID-19 in the ARTG for legal supply in Australia’ database.


Please contact medihood to discuss any replacement/spare parts.

Yes, additional hoods are available through medihood ( at a cost of $275.00 ex GST per hood.

Min order quantity (MOQ) is 10 hoods.

Please note McMonty PVC Hoods are considered a single use item until further notice. Our primary focus is – and always will be – on patients and healthcare staff, though we are working through ways in which we can become more sustainable in the future.

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