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SandboxAbout the McMonty by Medihood

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AboutThe McMonty by medihood

What does a protection hood achieve?The McMonty by Medihood significantly reduces the risk of infection transmission through aerosolised particulate matter, resulting in safer environments for both healthcare workers and patients.

It also allows for better patient care as healthcare workers are able to carry out tasks and administer procedures that would otherwise be considered to be a high infection risk.

How does the McMonty work?The McMonty’s hood is specifically designed to contain droplets and aerosols expired by an infectious or potentially infectious patient.

The McMonty has a powerful fan-filter unit that draws the patient’s expired air out of the hood, through a H13 high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter, which scrubs the air of 99.97% of particulate matter – helping to ensure the safety of healthcare workers and other patients.

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